What are you modelling?

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Re: What are you modelling?

Post by Munin »

British North Africa support vehicles, terrain for ACW and Infinity

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Re: What are you modelling?

Post by stevothedivo »

Jesus.....as an apartment dweller, I can only field 3x3' tables so most of my games use cm instead of inches.

Atm I am working on 1/3000 fleets from Forged in Battle (I bought the Nile set with some additions)
1/300 scale WWII armor (Germans and Soviet) for Spearhead (but I have IABSM from years ago, so I thought I could see if they can handle the troops - otherwise I was going to give Big CoC a shot though the nature of armored combat in CoC might bog the experience of armor on armor down)

I found a local Italian supplier who with the launch of the new FoW release had three boxes of the 2016ish Open Fire set of BF's 15mm miniatures for a staggering $25 each - so I'm doing those up for CoC (which is six PzGrenadier platoons and three US 101st) - these might in essence possibly be useful for IABSM, as well.
Though as I am allergic to card activation, it's more likely I'll either OPR them or try run the game with Big CoC.

3d Breed's Rome KS has just ended - so of course oh shiny syndrome means I'm now distracted with studying Infamy Infamy!

One thing I am, actually, proud to have finally completed are 1/300 sci-fi forces for OPR (Space Soldiers, Space Orks, Guards of the Empire and Space Elves) with ample terrain. Like....loads of it.....
Yes. I know. I finished something. Un-frigging-believable. 26 years of gaming I actually finished a project.
Thank you plandemic!

You can't post photos here though, can you? What is the "attachment quota exceeded" under the Attachments section of this forum? Is it a weight of images or file type issue?

I'm also designing 15mm miniatures for either OPR's Wasteland Racing or Gaslands - most are remixes of Thingiverse contributions as well as Sable Badger's excellent terrain for the game.

Of course, too, I am forever chipping away at designing, printing and painting my own 10mm ACW range which I hope to turn into a KS one day (this I play Sharp Practice v2 and love it - such an elegant system).

Over the years I've acquired almost every TFL game - but really haven't had as much of a chance to play any of the rules as I'd have liked. Recently I acquired through a friend a copy of Kiss Me Hardy, so there's a good chance I'll be using those rules for the 1/3000 fleets (otherwise it'll have to be OPR's offering or perhaps Black Sails or whatever that game from Warlord games is called - but here's hoping KMH will handle the small scale fleets adequately).

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Re: What are you modelling?

Post by Tomm »

Hitting the 3d printing. Got enlargement to my Normandy village, including a factory which would just about fit in there, as well as a lot of urban soviet stuff (enrubbled), plus odds and sods, like a CoC console.

Helpfully my wife and daughter have been getting into resin casting for a non-wargaming hobby (I know... how bizarre) so I have been able to misdirect a bit of it into things like my printed fountain.

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Re: What are you modelling?

Post by steve_holmes_11 »

Getting back to painting after a long Lockdown break.
Have finished rationalizing the garage, and installed a biger table in the din^H^H^Hgaming room.

First up for the Brushes are 15mm Renaissance (Mughal, Rajput, Vijayanagar) Indians.

I have around 60 "Cake decoration" Palm trees to paint and base as terrain features.
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Re: What are you modelling?

Post by Corvusboreus »

I am currently modelling a batch of winterland terrain to match my homemade 'frozen' acrylic boardmat.
Defoliated trees and bushes are being done using armatures made from the inverted bases of uprooted sennas ( a weedy shrub whose root system can have a very cool branch structure), based on pieces of synthetic floorplanking, textured with model clay, rocks and sand, painted dark hues then dusted with grey-white 'snow'.
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