Slings and flank attack

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Slings and flank attack

Post by runninghorse74 »

Hi all,
I have just played a game where my opponent had slingers on the flank of my Romans.

His view was slings reduce armour by 1 grade to medium armour and then the flank attack reduces it again to light armour.

My take is that slings reduce the armour by 1 grade only and from any direction, so my Romans would have medium armour during a sling flank attack.

I've check the rules and faq but nothing specific for either argument.
What's the group opinion?

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Re: Slings and flank attack

Post by Captain Reid »

Slings reduce heavy armour to medium from any direction (page 51 6.6.2 Hit Effect).

From any direction strongly indicates that the flank/rear has no additional impact.
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Re: Slings and flank attack

Post by Quackstheking »

The Captain is correct. Only one armour reduction!


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