TW&T for solo play

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TW&T for solo play

Post by davidmbrits »

I am a huge fan of Platoon Forward, especially the solo play aspects and I am happy with how it plays with IABSM. However, I am keen to play smaller scale actions and I was wondering if TW&T would work better than CoC, primarily because of card activation. I love CoC, but I am not convinced it is the best set for solo play.

Does anyone have any thoughts that have been tempered by actual toys on the table experience?

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Re: TW&T for solo play

Post by John Thomas8 »

Having played at least a dozen of both solo, TW&T is better at soloing.


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Re: TW&T for solo play

Post by Achtung Minen! »

Certainly, just give the opposing force an objective and play them as they would reasonably be played. You can handle dynamic or hesitant enemy commanders by just throwing those cards in the deck. Platoon Forward is excellent for coming up with random forces, as you've mentioned!

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